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Nutritionist London

Nutritionist London

Helen Jane is an in-demand professional London nutritionist with over 10 years of experience helping clients. There are three ways in which Helen can help her clients.
In-person where Helen could come to your home and provide you with the nutritional consultation face to face. Find out more here.

Online via Zoom or Skype: These are Helen’s most popular form of consultation and the moment due to socially distancing. These are conducted from the comfort from your own home at your preferred time. As these are online, Helen can keep the cost much lower than in-person consultations too. Find out more here.

Group sessions: Helen Jane is an in demand presenter for groups. She regularly delivers FREE group talks at WI’s U3As, Rotary Clubs and other Associations. These are delivered online and (in-person presentations are at a cost) and can fit round your scheduling. Find out more here.

These are just some of the ways that Helen can be hired as nutritionist in London but for more bespoke requirements do not hesitate to get in touch. Helen provides consultations on a range of health conditions and supports all ages, males and females, children and adults.

online nutrition consultations


Due to demand and the effects of the pandemic, 90% of my consultations are now conducted online.

Despite being based in London, and due to more and more people becoming more comfortable having meetings at their work online, Helen has moved the majority of her consultancy online. This allows her to keep the costs down, which the savings can be passed on to you, and allows you to enjoy the same high level of professional nutritional therapy consultancy from the comfort of your own home at a time that is convenient for you.

Gone are the days when you had to travel across London for 1 hour to make an appointment and battle the underground at rush hour. Now you can be relaxed in your favourite chair for a call.

Since moving the majority of her business online, Helen now offers nutritional advice, support and guidance, not just to her clients in London but all over the world so if you have friends, family members or colleagues who would also like to improve their energy, health, overcome health conditions or simply discuss an issue with Helen, then distance is no longer an obstacle due to the wonders of Zoom or skype!


As a London Nutritionist, Helen supports her clients struggling with a range of conditions and symptoms and can help you to navigate to the root cause of the problem. Using her extensive experience and knowledge, she can then provide the bespoke, tailored support you need help you on your way back to your own optimal health and wellbeing.

See the Health conditions page for more conditions and information.

Janine T, Richmond

I was always tired and really struggling and everything felt like an effort. Through testing we discovered my thyroid wasn’t working properly and so I was able to discuss that with my GP and alongside my doctor Helen has given me a plan that has really supported this and I now feel much more in control. Each appointment helps me get even closer to being back to the happy and energetic person I used to be.”

Lesley J, Kensington

“I actually look forward to my regular sessions with Helen. I have struggled with my weight for many years and tried every diet going but the plan I have now means I don’t feel hungry and I haven’t got to count any points, it’s really easy and so effective that the weight is staying off and I’m really enjoying my food. Helen is really supportive and friendly and encourages me to keep going.”

David S, Islington

“Helen was really professional and knowledgeable. I didn’t realise my stress and anxiety and digestive problems were all linked but Helen explained the science behind it in a way I could understand and now after a few appointments my digestive problems have almost gone and my stress levels have come right down.”

Lisa J, Fulham

“I was really struggling with PMS and after testing we discovered I was oestrogen dominant. Helen gave me a great plan and I could see the results after only a couple of cycles and they’re getting better each month and no longer stop me doing what I want after years of pain.”

Rachel G, Ealing

“I saw Helen as I had so many menopausal symptoms that were controlling my life. They’re really under control now, I hardly ever any hot flushes anymore and my weight is under control and my brain fog has really cleared. Thank you Helen!”

Deborah P, Camden

“I really enjoyed working with Helen, she didn’t judge me, and I can really feel the difference working with her has made. I’ve lost a stone already and have so much more energy to run around after my children and I never feel hungry!”


nutrition consultation

In your first consultation over Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams we will discuss all aspects of your health and lifestyle, medical and family history, your concerns and what you want to achieve to get to the root cause of your concerns and not just treat single symptoms.

Following this initial the consultation you will then be sent a personalised nutrition and lifestyle programme to follow. This will be designed to meet your needs and any limitations you have. These are never a one-size-fits-all plan like others may offer, but personalised for your needs to have the maximum impact.

Follow up consultations will then happen at regular intervals for as long as you require the support and monitor you progress and make any tweaks, changes, improvements or adjustments to achieve your health goals even more efficiently.

Book a free 15 minute consultation with you Nutritionist London here:

Nutritionist London Consultations

Initial Consultations

In these initial consultations, we collaborate to help understand your health goals, what health struggles you may be facing at the moment and your health history. We the evaluate a range of options for your health recovery plan and organise any functional testing that will help identify any underlying conditions, often than traditional NHS tests may have missed.

The price of this initial consultation is:

£150 for 75 minutes

Follow Up Consultations

To monitor progress against your health plan, follow up on any test results that have been received back from the lab, and tweak your health strategy / programme to further support your health goals the fee is:

£90 for 45 minutes

corporate wellness nutrition


Helen Jane spent a large part of her professional life working in corporate industry. As a result, she understand the pressures and health concerns that face teams and leaders. Due to what often feels like ever increasing work loads, Helen understands that personal health is not always the top priority. However, having a healthy team improves the overall well-being of your company which results in lower sick days, high performing and more efficient teams and leaders and an overall sense of improved positivity. This results in lower health related costs to the bottom line of your business.
Now as a nutritionist London, Helen can help, educate and inspire your team to make positive changes to support their own personal health and wellbeing for the benefit of themselves and the company.

nutrition blog


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Nutritionist London Questions


How much does it cost to see a nutritionist London?

An in-person appointment can cost anywhere between £50 and £500 to see a nutritionist in London for your first appointment and some may even change more. Helen Jane offers most of her appointments online and as a result can keep her costs low. Find out more by getting in touch.

Is it worth seeing a nutritionist?

It is certainly hugely beneficial to see a nutritionist or nutritional therapist for many reasons. You may want help losing weight, have some mental health conditions, are feeling under the weather all the time, are fatigued or any other range of conditions. A qualified nutritionist like Helen can help get to the root cause of these issues that a doctor may not be able to and help support your conditions accordingly to help bring back your best self!

Can a nutritionist help you lose weight?

A qualified professional nutritionist or nutritional therapist can absolutely help you lose weight. The initial consultation process will help to understand if there are any test that can be conducted to identify any underlying health conditions. A consultation will support this with a structured plan to help you lose weight responsibly and safely.

How do I choose a London nutritionist?

One of the most important things to look for when choosing a London nutritionist is that they are qualified and registered. There are many nutritionist who are not, and may have undertaken a quick 2 week or 6 week online course. Sadly there are no barriers to entry into this industry so anyone could call themselves a nutritionist without any training, qualifications or training.
Helen Jane is a qualified Nutritional Therapist in London having studied for 3 years with CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine) and IS a member of BANT (British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle medicine) and ANP (Association of Naturopathic Practitioners).
She is also a member of CNHC (Complementary and Natural Health care Council) and stays abreast of the latest nutritional research through continued professional development to maintain her accreditations. To learn more please have a look at her about page.

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