If you feel like you have got to the end of the road looking for diabetes help, seem to have have exhausted your options, aren’t feeling listened to anymore or have tried all the diets but nothing seems to work then take a look at these 6 key reasons people book with Helen.


Helen is a genuine and authentic Nutritionist who can relate to you. She’s not always been a nutritionist, she’s had her own health problems and also been overweight, but overcome them all. You won’t find Helen posting lots of pictures or videos on Instagram or TikTok, instead she spends her time working with clients, researching cases, analysing test results and giving talks, just trying to make a difference to peoples lives. 


Helen has experience working with clients across many conditions. She has helped 100’s of people with IBS, other gut health issues, menopause, type 2 diabetes, autoimmune conditions, hypothyroidism, and weight loss. Your situation, symptoms, and feelings and will be completely unique to Helen and Helen will always treat you that way so you can get a personalised plan just for you but knowing it’s also backed by years of experience.


Helen is a fully qualified Nutritionist. Not just a 6 week online course, but she studied for 3 years at CNM and qualifying with a distinction in Nutritional Therapy. This qualification also allows Helen to be registered with the professional bodies BANT and ANP who ensure professional standards are followed at all times. Helen is also continually learning and building on her knowledge through accredited CPD.


Helen has access to private laboratories who can run tests to determine the root cause of your issues, be that hormonal, digestive, nutrient deficiencies, genetic and more. She also has the experience to interpret these tests for you having used them with 100’s of clients before. Helen also has access to high quality supplements not available on the high street should they be useful to support you in getting to your best health.


Helen understands that it’s not always easy to talk about your health conditions or your weight. In fact she’s been there herself, having been overweight before and knowing how it can feel to be judged by doctors and other professionals. Helen will listen to you and help you on your journey wherever your starting point and offer you a safe space to be able to talk and be listened to without any judgement.


Helen has worked with clients who have been recommending her to friends and families for years. You are unique and individual and no one else is going through exactly the same thing as you. However, there will be people that Helen has seen who will have been in a similar positions and who have seen real results from working with her. Just see Helen’s 5 star reviews to see how great clients feel after working with Helen.


Reviews for Helen


Helen Jane is a fully qualified professional Nutritionist in London. She offers help to people online and in-person and has worked with clients from Harley Street to LA and has worked with everyone from city bankers to celebrities, musicians and politicians.

If you’ve come here looking for a nutritionist that spends their time posting pictures of their food on Instagram or using their time to make funny TikTok videos or having photo shoots in amazing kitchens then you’ve come to the wrong place. Instead of doing these what you’ll find me doing with my time is:

  • Working with clients in 121 online consultations to help them improve their health and improve their conditions
  • Researching papers and scientific evidence to help every single one of my clients
  • Running online weight loss groups for those that prefer a group setting
  • Keeping up to date with the latest research and attending educational seminars
  • Responding to questions and checking in with my clients between consultations
  • Analysing client lab test results

If you have something you need help with such as type 2 diabetes, prediabetes or other blood sugar related issues like tiredness and low energy or you are looking for help to lose weight and want tailored support and a personalised plan based on scientific evidence then get in touch now.

Nutritionist London - Helen


Although Helen is based in London the effects of the last couple of years has meant that all her consultations with clients moved online. This has proven to be something that has benefited clients more than could ever have been expected.

  As people have become more comfortable working from home, Zoom meetings and calls have become a part of every day life it has become more beneficial for client consultations to happen online.  By conducting online consultations this has allowed Helen to keep the costs of running a clinic down which has enabled her to pass these savings onto you in the prices of her 121 sessions and packages whilst still maintaining the professional level or service you would expect.

  Gone are the days where you have spend hours travelling across London battling rush hour on the underground to make an appointment. You can now get the high quality and professional consultations from the comfort of your own home at a time that’s convenient for you.  For more details on what to expect at a consultation take a look at the consultation page.



90 Minute Consultation or 45 Minute Follow Up

If you want the confidence to manage your blood sugar on your own, this in-depth one off bespoke consultation could be perfect for your needs. You will leave armed with the knowledge and next steps to manage and lower your blood sugar levels. Read below to learn more about what you will receive from this consultation.

One Off Consultations

Free 20 minute no-obligation discovery call

90-Minute Initial Consultation

Food diary review

Full health and lifestyle assessment

Personalised nutrition plan



  • Are comfortable interpreting test results
  • Can hold themselves to account
  • Have an understanding of suitable recipes
  • Are pro-active to source their own supplements
  • Have an advanced knowledge of nutrition
  • Regularly meal plan
  • Have no other or underlying health conditions
  • Have seen Helen before
  • Lack confidence in making lasting change 
  • Don’t have diabetes or pre-diabetes

Sadly no bonuses are included in this package but you do have access to a supportive Facebook community.

PRICE: £195


1 Initial & 2 Follow Ups

If you want the confidence to manage your blood sugar on your own, this in-depth one off bespoke consultation could be perfect for your needs. You will leave armed with the knowledge and next steps to manage and lower your blood sugar levels. Read below to learn more about what you will receive from this consultation.

8 Week programme

Free 20 minute no-obligation discovery call

90-Minute Initial Consultation

Food diary review

Full health and lifestyle assessment

Personalised nutrition plan

x2 45-minute follow ups

Food diary support

Lifestyle support

Email support



  • Need a little more support and motivation
  • Get better results from some accountability
  • Have an understanding of suitable recipes
  • Want help with supplement recommendations
  • Have some knowledge of good nutrition
  • Regularly meal plan
  • Have no other or underlying health conditions
  • Have seen Helen before
  • Lack confidence in making lasting change 
  • Don’t have diabetes or pre-diabetes

Sadly no bonuses are included in this package but you do have access to a supportive Facebook community.

PRICE: £395


1 Initial, 3 Follow Ups & Bonuses

Take full control of your blood sugar. This is Helen’s most in-demand and successful programme is tailored specifically to you and your needs and will give you all the nutritional advice as well as THE personal coaching and support to help you tackle your challenges and achieve your goals.

12 Week programme

Free 20 minute no-obligation discovery call

90-Minute Initial Consultation

Food diary review

Full health assessment

Personalised nutrition plan

x3 45-minute follow ups

Continued food diary analysis

Additional lifestyle support

Email support throughout

Extra resources & AMAZING bonuses      below

*** BONUSES ***


  • Access To Helen’s Pillars Of Nutrition Webinar
  • 4-Week Blood Sugar Meal Plan
  • Accompanying 55 Recipe Book
  • Habit Tracker
  • 5 Steps To Beat Your Sugar Addiction E-Book
  • 15% Discount On Supplements
  • DIY Meal Planner
  • 10% discount Medi Checks ( Blood Tests)
  • Healthy Fast Fixes Recipe Book
  • 25% Off Mindful Chef Recipe Food Boxes

All these bonuses are worth over £800 included in this premium package to ensure ultimate success.

PRICE: £495


121 CONSULTATIONS: As a Nutritionist in London, I work with many people on a 121 basis supporting them with their health concerns and working with them to manage their symptoms and achieve their health and wellness goals.  All consultations are conducted online so you can get the advice and help you need from the comfort of your own home.  For more information on what to expect with consultations click here.

CORPORATE WELLNESS: Having come from a corporate background I understand the importance of a healthy workforce. A team that are better informed on nutrition and wellness are empowered to make healthier choices which allow them improve their own health and happiness as well as increasing energy levels and productivity at work, not to mention less days off sick. For more information on the programmes and workshops available for your team and business click here.

GROUP TALKS: Helen has a real passion for spreading the word around good nutrition, the benefits that can been seen from making a few simple changes to your diet and how easy and enjoyable it can be to improve your health health and enjoy yourself while you do it with delicious and nutritious food.  With this Helen has been giving general talks to groups such as the WI, charities and clubs.  She also covers specific topics and Heath concerns with talks to support groups and organisations.  For more information on talks that Helen could do for you group please click here.


Helen supports people all over London and the rest of the UK who are struggling with a range of conditions and symptoms.  Through the detailed work undertaken she will help you navigate getting to the root cause of the problem.  Using her extensive experience and knowledge, she can then prove you with the bespoke, tailored support you need to help you on your way back to your best health and wellbeing.

Helen Specialises in working with clients with prediabetes or Type 2 diabetes but also helps people with other common conditions including:

Weight Loss

Type 2 diabetes & Pre-diabetes

Gut health issues (e.g. IBS)



Hormone health

Autoimmune conditions


Helen got her diploma in Nutritional Therapy with distinction from the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) after 3 years of study and many 100’s of hours of clinical practice and observation.  It is here that Helen developed her understanding of holistic nutrition which she applies to everyone of her clients every day.  

As a top holistic nutritionist in London Helen understands that you can’t apply a one size fits all approach to everybody, even if they have been diagnosed with the same condition. There is no one diet that will do everything.  Holistic nutrition is about understanding the whole person, not just the physical symptoms but how the whole person is connected in body, mind and spirit. The aim is always to be taking a sustainable and long-term approach looking at the whole person and educating and empowering them to take back control and stay tuned in to their bodies.



NUTRITIONIST: A nutritionist is generally someone whole will have studied for a qualification and will use evidence based plans and programmes to guide their support towards clients.  You will often find nutritionists working in research and education.  Sadly, the title nutritionist is not protected and so anyone could call themselves a nutritionist should they wish with little or no training.  However, all reputable nutritionists will have qualifications and be registered with a professional body so always look out for these and ask for your own reassurance.


DIETITIAN: Dietitians will have studies for qualifications and will belong to their professional body, the British Dietetic Association. You will often find dietitians working within the NHS and will often have a focus on one specific health condition.


NUTRITIONAL THERAPIST: You will often find that Nutritional Therapists, like Helen, will call themselves Nutritionists as this is often the name most people know and understand.  Again, make sure you look out for the relevant qualifications and that your nutritional therapist is registered.  Nutritional Therapists like Helen will have studied for at least 3 years to achieve their qualification and will be registered with the CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council) and will belong to professional bodies such as BANT and ANP. Nutritional Therapists will often work in private clinics using evidence and research to create tailored and personal nutrition and lifestyle plans for their clients. They will work alongside other complementary therapists as well as GP’s and other medical professionals to deliver the best programme for the client.


Although Helen is a qualified Nutritional Therapist she understands that it is not only food alone that can help people. Lifestyle choices can make just as big an impact on someone’s life as the food you eat.  You could have the best diet in the world but if you don’t get enough sleep, you’re always stressed and you never exercise you’re still not going to be able to achieve the levels of health you are looking for.

SLEEP: When we sleep well we make better choices, we have more energy which can enable us to not only be inclined to move more the next day but also to relax and take time for ourselves when needed. We also tend to crave less sugary foods after a good nights sleep.  Also, while we sleep is when our bodies get to ‘clean up’ after the day. It allows the cells in our body time to repair. Benefits of good sleep include increased energy, improved concentration, improved immune function, increased recovery, increased life expectancy as well reducing the risk of developing certain chronic illnesses like type 2 diabetes. 

EXERCISE: Exercise is associated with so many benefits and these can include improving our immune system, energy production, improves blood pressure and circulation and walking has even been associated with helping to prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s. Exercise doesn’t have to be a sweaty workout down the gym or a long run, but it can be if that’s what you enjoy. It can be as simple as going out for a walk and it then has added benefits when it’s coupled with being out in nature.

 STRESS: Our bodies evolved to deal with stressful situations really effectively when we go back in time to when we needed to escape a predator, unfortunately, as time has moved on our stress response has stayed the same but we now have more constant stress triggers throughout our day keeping our stress levels and the hormones that deal with them constantly working and raised.  We can’t escape stress but we can find ways to deal with it such as taking a break from the news or devices, meditation, breathing, talking to friends, taking part in hobbies, and getting outside in nature.  Below are some favourite places to get outside in London and recharge.


An in-person appointment can cost anywhere up £500 to see a nutritionist in London for your first appointment and some may even change more. Helen Jane offers most of her appointments online and as a result can keep her costs low. Find out more by getting in touch. Helen’s prices start from £150.

It is certainly hugely beneficial to see a nutritionist or nutritional therapist for many reasons. You may want help losing weight, have some mental health conditions, are feeling under the weather all the time, are fatigued or any other range of conditions. A highly reviewed qualified nutritionist London like Helen can help get to the root cause of these issues that a doctor may not be able to and help support your conditions accordingly to help bring back your best self!

A qualified professional nutritionist or nutritional therapist can absolutely help you lose weight. The initial consultation process will help to understand if there are any test that can be conducted to identify any underlying health conditions. A consultation will support this with a structured plan to help you lose weight responsibly and safely.

One of the most important things to look for when choosing a nutritionist in London is that they are qualified and registered. There are many nutritionist who are not, and may have undertaken a quick 2 week or 6 week online course. Sadly there are no barriers to entry into this industry so anyone could call themselves a nutritionist without any training, qualifications or training.
Helen Jane is a qualified Nutritional Therapist in London having studied for 3 years with CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine) and is a member of BANT (British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle medicine) and ANP (Association of Naturopathic Practitioners).

Helen is also a member of CNHC (Complementary and Natural Health care Council) and stays abreast of the latest nutritional research through continued professional development to maintain her accreditations. To learn more please have a look at her about page.


Helen is also a proud member of the following professional organisations:

Nutritionist Resource


Association of Naturopathic Practitioners
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Nutritionist London,
123, Sutherland Avenue, London, W9 2QJ