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Nutritionist London Consultation

About Your Nutrition Consultation

The majority of my nutritional consultations are now conducted online via Zoom, Skype, Teams or any other format that works for you. There are many reasons online consultations have become so popular with the main one being that they allow them to be scheduled around you and your day and be conducted at times that suit you including evenings and at weekends.

Advantages of online consultations:

  • Allow you to be in the comfort of your own home or wherever you feel comfortable talking
  • Can be scheduled for evenings and weekends as well as during the day at a time that suits you
  • Takes away the often expensive and time-consuming travel involved in getting into and across London

However, if you do feel you would prefer an in person consultation in London then these can be arranged so please get in touch with Nutritionist London

What will happen at your consultation?

You will be emailed out some documents including a questionnaire and food diary to complete and return ahead of your first consultation which will enable me to spend more time listening to you and your goals and ambitions and tailor a plan specifically to you.

We will look at areas including your current health conditions, medications, symptoms as well looking back at your medical history and family history to build up the picture of all the factors affecting you and your health. We will discuss your current diet and lifestyle regimes and focus on what you want to do and get out of these consultations.

We will then schedule follow up consultations at intervals that suit you and best reflect the programme you will be following. The majority of people require around 4 follow up consultations but this is different for everyone and can depend on what it is we are trying to address for your health and wellbeing.

Online Consultations London

We may decide together that we want to run further tests to get a better understanding of what is happening in your body. Where possible we will use tests available on the NHS working with your GP, however, sometimes we want to get a deeper understanding and may wish to use some of the private functional laboratory tests as a scientific way of getting to the root cause of your symptoms. All testing is charged separately.

For more information on the health conditions we can support you with please take a look at our supported conditions page.

Online Consultations

Information gathering and understanding your aims and goals.  Going through your current health and your history. Discussing your current diet and lifestyle and discussing what your tailored plan will look like and whether there is any testing required to support you and your plan.

You detailed personalised plan will be sent out following your consultation

Fee : £195 for 1hr 15 min

Follow Ups Online

The first follow up consultation is normally around 4 weeks after your initial appointment, but the timings will vary depending on you and your needs.  These are designed to understand how you are progressing, follow up on any test results, and allow us to discuss any challenges and adapt the plan accordingly to ensure you are getting the best results.

Fee : £120 for 45 mins


As the majority of people need a number of follow up consultations this package offers great value for money if booked in this way and comes with additional resources, recipes, and support as well as a selection of amazing bonuses worth £800.

10 Week Total Transformation:

1 initial and 2 follow ups (all online) £395

1 initial and 3 follow ups (all online) £495

Fee : from £395


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