Which Healthy Fats Should I Eat

Understanding Healthy Fats And Which Ones Are Best to Eat

Fats are often a source of controversy with a lot of confusion over whether they should be eaten or avoided. There are so many weight loss groups and also low-fat products in the supermarkets telling us that fat is bad and the main reason for weight gain and bad health but that generalisation just simply isn’t true. However, understanding what we should and shouldn’t be including in our diets isn’t always easy and this is where we’ll look at the facts and truths about fats and debunk some of those common myths that you may have come across or even
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optimum nutrition - Nutritionist London

How to Achieve Your Optimum Nutrition

The main is aim as a London nutritionist is to get people achieving their best health through optimum nutrition. This means making sure people get the best possible intake of nutrients through their diet to allow them to be as healthy as possible. We want to optimise our nutrition intake through our diet to help promote our mental performance, improve our physical performance, increase our lifespan and reduce the chances of getting ill. Everyone is unique and different and will have their own nutrition requirements to be healthy. People will also follow different diets and some will be vegetarian or
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plant based diet

How To Eat A Balanced Plant Based Diet

In 2018 there were said to be 600,000 vegans in the UK, this is 4 times higher than the number in 2014 and is still rising sharply each year.  Whilst this number is growing, so is the number of people that take a more flexible approach to their diet (known as flexitarian). 50% of people now say they have eaten meat-free alternative foods (e.g. burgers).  Many people are reducing the amount of meat they eat and eating more plant-based meals, with the main reasons being for their health and also their concern for the impact on the environment.  There are
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10 Reasons to See a Nutritionist

10 Reasons To See A Nutritionist

Eating healthily and the right way for you and your body can be very confusing.  Have you ever tried  the generic tips and advice you read about or saw on social media or experimented with all those things the people around you swear by that worked for them but don’t feel any different?  Well, you’re not alone, and that’s where a nutritionist can help.  Nutritionists understand that everyone is unique and individual and so you can’t take a one size fits all approach.  The main thing to be aware of though is that not all nutritionists are the same as
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nutritionist london water

How Much Water Should I Drink a Day?

Here at Nutritionist London we are always telling people they should drink more water.  Most people simply don’t drink enough water each day, but how much should you be drinking?  There’s a lot of advice out there but it can be confusing. Should it be 6-8 glasses a day?  If so, how big are the glasses? Is it 2 litres a day? Do other drinks and liquids count, or does it have to be water? Here, Helen Jane from Nutritionist London explains why drinking enough water is so important for our health, what are some of the warning signs that
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Protein Powder

Should I be Taking A Protein Supplement?

  Generally speaking most people don’t need a protein supplement as they will be getting sufficient protein through a well-balanced diet. It isn’t always that simple though and there are a number of factors to consider, and protein powders and supplements can provide a relatively cost-effective way of increasing intake where needed.   How much protein do I need? The recommended intake of protein in the UK (RNI) is 0.75g per kg of body weight per day. So if someone weights 70kg they will require 52.5g of protein a day.  There are many factors that can increase the amount of
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Mental Health and Nutrition

Mental Health and the Connection With Nutrition

Mental health is thankfully becoming more acceptable to talk about, discuss and accept as something that many people suffer with. Others may have mental health conditions and think it is just them that have it when in reality it is a common problem. As a nutritionist London, I have the luxury of consulting for the complete cross section of society and the amount of people who have mental health conditions but think that its unique to them is amazing. I say this is a totally positive way is because it allows me to empathise with them a lot easier and
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Vitamin C and Covid

The ONE BIG secret big pharma is keeping from you to protect against Covid-19 naturally.

Even when I wrote the header it’s sounded like a click bait header but the more, I looked into it and re-wording it, the more it made sense to keep it as it is. The reason I am keeping it is because the statistics and research are strong enough evidence to support it. In fact, many clinical studies support it too: Up to 82% critically ill patients had low Vitamin C values. In an study conducted and written by: Tomasa-Irriguible, T.M., Bielsa-Berrocal, L. COVID-19: Up to 82% critically ill patients had low Vitamin C values. Nutr J 20, 66 (2021).
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Menopause Support

Menopause and How Nutritional Therapy Can Help

I have equal numbers of men and women as my clients but perhaps one of the most conditions I am asked to support these menopausal symptoms for women. There are a wide range of conditions exhibited by women and each person is different. Some women exhibit depression, weight gain, fatigue, osteoporosis, reduced sex drive, vaginal dryness, and hot flushes. I work with my clients to help reduce and relive some of these symptoms with a bespoke, tailored, and nutritional therapy programme. Many respond extremely well to these protocols. Other ladies find great help using small amounts of progesterone used as
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