“I really enjoyed working with Helen, she didn’t judge me, and I can really feel the difference working with her has made. I’ve lost a stone already and have so much more energy to run around after my children and I never feel hungry!”

Deborah P, Camden

“I saw Helen as I had so many menopausal symptoms that were controlling my life.  They’re really under control now, I hardly ever any hot flushes anymore and my weight is under control and my brain fog has really cleared.  Thank you Helen!”

Rachel G, Ealing

“I was really struggling with PMS and after testing we discovered I was oestrogen dominant. Helen gave me a great plan and I could see the results after only a couple of cycles and they’re getting better each month and no longer stop me doing what I want after years of pain.”

Lisa J, Fulham

“Helen was really professional and knowledgeable.  I didn’t realise my stress and anxiety and digestive problems were all linked but Helen explained the science behind it in a way I could understand and now after a few appointments my digestive problems have almost gone and my stress levels have come right down.”

David S, Islington

“I actually look forward to my regular sessions with Helen.  I have struggled with my weight for many years and tried every diet going but the plan I have now means I don’t feel hungry and I haven’t got to count any points, it’s really easy and so effective that the weight is staying off and I’m really enjoying my food.  Helen is really supportive and friendly and encourages me to keep going.”

Lesley J, Kensington

I was always tired and really struggling and everything felt like an effort. Through testing we discovered my thyroid wasn’t working properly and so I was able to discuss that with my GP and alongside my doctor Helen has given me a plan that has really supported this and I now feel much more in control.  Each appointment helps me get even closer to being back to the happy and energetic person I used to be.”

Janine T, Richmond


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