Mental Health and the Connection With Nutrition

Mental Health and Nutrition

Mental Health and the Connection With Nutrition

Mental health is thankfully becoming more acceptable to talk about, discuss and accept as something that many people suffer with. Others may have mental health conditions and think it is just them that have it when in reality it is a common problem.

As a nutritionist London, I have the luxury of consulting for the complete cross section of society and the amount of people who have mental health conditions but think that its unique to them is amazing. I say this is a totally positive way is because it allows me to empathise with them a lot easier and helps them to understand that they are not alone. It also shows me how many similarities there are with their diet and essential their nutrition.

It allows me to dip straight into my knowledge, research and case studies and give you the best protocol to help stabilise, improve and in some cases overcome some of your mental health conditions. These conditions could and do include, tiredness caused by poor sleep quality (and poor nutrition and diet or deficiencies in certain vitamins minerals that we can address together), stress, anxiety, depression and even forgetfulness or brain fog.

Mental health issues are fast becoming the number-one health issue in the UK and in London, more and more clients are coming to me wanting help, guidance and nutrition advice to support them. In fact out of all of the clients I see in London, or in other areas in the UK 1 in 4 people have suffered with mental health conditions at some point in their life.

So how can a Nutritionist London or Nutritional Therapist like me help?

Most people’s first point of contact with a health professional to address mental health conditions is to see the doctor. Invariably if you are exhibiting PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS, they will run a basic biochemical screening blood test to check for any abnormalities in the blood results. However, for MENTAL HEALTH CONDITIONS these tests are rarely run.

The medical world believes that biochemical imbalances do not manifest themselves as psychological symptoms.

In fact the opposite is true!

The brain is far more sensitive to any biochemical imbalances or nutritional deficiencies than any other organ in the body and so is no wonder mental health conditions can develop. Compound this with the fact that our food is becoming increasingly devoid of nutrition as monoculture growing removes any nutrients out of the soil and it is no wonder so many clients come to me with psychological conditions in despair!

So, how can a nutritional therapist help?

If you are suffering with mental health problems or psychological conditions a qualified nutritional therapist like Helen Jane can run an objective biochemical test to confirm whether an imbalance is present or not. With these findings a nutritional strategy can implemented to help resolve, solve or at the very least improve the problems or condition.

So what are the factors that a Nutritionist can help with:

The most common 2 that are widely cited are:

Blood Sugar Imbalance – This is perhaps the most common underlying imbalance in many types of mental health condition. Often referred to as disglycemia you may be craving sweet foods, or other stimulants such as tea, coffee and cigarettes.

Stimulant and Drug Dependence – This can result in anxiety, paranoia, anxiety, depression and more. Stimulants can include alcohol, sugar, sugary drinks such as squash and pop, cigarettes, caffeine pills, tea, coffee and more.

However, there are more specific imbalances and considerations that a Nutritionist can help with:

  • Food and Chemical allergies and intolerances
  • Underactive Thyroid
  • Niacin (B3), Pyridoxine (B6), Folic Acid or B12 deficiency
  • Essential fatty acids – Deficiencies and Imbalances
  • PyroLuria and porphyria
  • Histamine Imbalance
  • Serotonin Imbalance
  • Adrenal Imbalance
  • Acetylcholine Imbalance
  • High Homocysteine

Helen Jane is a professional, Qualified Nutritional Therapist having studied a 3 year course. She is one of the most in demand nutritionist in London due to her depth and breadth of knowledge. You can find out more about her here.

For a free discovery call please do get in touch using the contact form, the button below or give her a call on the number on the top of the page.

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